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Kolectiv Productions is an award-winning, international, multi-media theatre company producing exciting, innovative drama in unconventional settings.

The first production ‘Kaberet Europa’, directed by Aleksandar Dundjerovic, was performed in 2000 at The Unity Theatre, Liverpool. 

In 2008, Liverpool producer/actress Maureen Bryan, joined Aleksandar to become co-producer of Koleciv theatre UK.  A shared vision of establishing the company on the international stage led to a modern, site-specific adaptation of the classic ‘The Cherry Orchard’ which premiered in Liverpool.  Touring followed in 2009:  London, Iran, and Serbia.  Winning three prestigious awards:  Serbia:  Best production and best actress award.  Iran:  Special audience award.  

Many more collaborations have been established over the years, with numerous theatre companies and ensembles throughout the UK, Ireland, Brazil, Iran, Romania, and Serbia.  

*Please see the full list of productions on the homepage.

We aim to address local and global cultural issues through collaborative, international projects and to create and produce memorable, outstanding theatre. We hope the audience will continue to share our passion and join us on the next stage of our journey.  

Artistic Director:  Aleksandar Dundjerovic   Co-Producer:  Maureen Ann Bryan.




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